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Introduction to ASP.Net Core with Advantages and Features

We all are familiar with the web application framework, which helps to develop web apps on the .NET platform. ASP.Net Core is the open-source version of ASP.Net and was released in 2016. It offers MVC supported pattern, cross-functionality and high-performance features to build modern apps based on cloud and latest technology connected applications.

ASP.NET Core was launched by Microsoft and is a modular framework written in C#. It supports macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms and offers easy latest API integration. This framework is supported by huge community and it is used by millions of developers to build web applications.

Let’s know the advantages and features of the updated version’s core framework.

Advantages of ASP. Net Core

High Performance

High performance is among one of the major benefits of ASP.Net core. This framework is faster than other web development platforms. It helps to increase the productivity of the development process, as the developer will compile the code, the framework will automatically optimize it.

Modern Framework core is based on the latest features and offers modern website development. It is integrated with the modern and latest features which can meet the latest development process. This framework is designed in such a way that allows compilers and languages both to emerge instantly and supports runtime components. Multiple versions of ASP.NET Core can exist side by side on the same server.
Easy Updations

Technologies are upgraded constantly, to meet with the modern development process, new features use to be added in the frameworks by the experts. For ASP.Net developers to upgrade the new features is not an easy task but with core framework this process becomes easy. Upgradation can be easily held with core-based websites.

Easy Maintenance

To maintain the market standard, developers should be updated with new innovation and features. To maintain ASP. net core features are easy with innovations and this platform can be easily upgraded continuously by the developers.

Supports various Technologies platform offers the best opportunity to enterprises and small businesses to bring their several types of website applications to meet business requirements. They can integrate their platforms with multiple and advanced technologies including the cloud and the Internet of things.

Features of ASP. Net Core

Cross Platforms

ASP.Net offers .Net developers to deploy the web application to several platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Cross-platform development helps to save time and reduce the cost of development, with one code, it offers an opportunity for the developers to launch the app with one single code on multiple platforms.

Supports MVC Pattern

ASP.Net core supports MVC ( Model View Controller) architecture. It helps to differentiate the development process into three parts including view, model, and control. Developers can easily alter the code of a particular part.

Support intensive Filters

ASP.Net Core offers extensible filter support and it is among the best features that attract developers to them. Without altering the action it can easily implement or control the entire functionality of the website app. In ASP.Net core filters are utilized to handle the error, custom logic, and
specify caching.

Open Source

ASP.Net Core is the open-source version of the which turns it a more reliable and preferable choice for the developers. Open source feature turns it a free as well as it gets support from a huge community and worldwide technical developers. Along with this, constantly developers upgrade this platform with the latest tools and technologies.

Easy Compilation

ASP.NET core offers a powerful compilation, which is integrated with the memory attribute. If the developer modifies the code, so with only a simple refresh click in the browser, it helps to activate the same platform again. It is among the unique framework, which offers minimal web services.

Minimum Coding

ASP.Net 2.0 latest version offers to write the code in a few lines, in previous versions, developers have to set up the coding process similar to the webserver and have to alert on several things, even that turns the process longer. With ASP.Net Core the process will be managed by the CreateDefaultBuilder, which offers an automatic process to manage everything.


ASP.Net core is the best-upgraded version of .NET and is supported with all the advanced features and functionalities. It is easy to use and learn the platform. This framework helps to improve the functionalities and features of ASP.NET core website applications. Every developer should know about the ASP.Net core upgraded version of different features and advantages.

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